There are three reasons exilekiss loves El Huarache Azteca. They are carne adobada, barbacoa de borrego, and the restaurant’s famed huarache.

The carne adobada is exilekiss’s “current favorite incarnation of this dish in L.A.” It’s “wonderfully smoky, marinated chunks of pork that’s just screaming with flavor! The hints of chile powder, the slight tang of vinegar, the oregano, and also a slight sweetness….”

Huarache (“sandal”) is a long, sandal-shaped piece of fried masa, topped with your choice of meat. “They make their huarache to order, fresh, even having a dedicated kitchen station setup outside with someone constantly making them as the orders flow in,” explains exilekiss.

Barbacoa de borrego is a weekend special. It’s lightly marinated lamb, steamed to the point of dropping off the bone, and served with a bit of lamb consommé. “It’s nothing short of wonderful!” says exilekiss.

This is a small, homey shop. Tacos are $1.25; huaraches are $2.50.

El Huarache Azteca [Highland Park]
5225 York Boulevard, Los Angeles

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