In what is perhaps a reflection of our burger-, fried chicken–, comfort food–crazed times, Danny Meyer will shutter his groundbreaking contemporary Indian restaurant, Tabla, at the end of the year. Currently helmed by Floyd Cardoz and awarded three stars in the New York Times by Ruth Reichl back in 1999, Tabla is the sole Meyer-owned restaurant to ever close up shop.

How do Chowhounds feel? Seven to two, they’ll miss it something fierce. Though its detractors, such as Pookipichu, called it a “sad excuse for Indian food, Americanized in the worst sense,” and complained of “soggy Naan,” those who love it, such as ekdd, plan to visit for birthday celebrations before it shutters on December 30.

Watch the boards to see where Tabla-bereft hounds will head for their Indian food fix—whether to Tamarind or Devi for high-end, or to a favorite little eatery in Jackson Heights, Curry Row, or Journal Square (we’re partial to Sapthagiri, the all-vegetarian spot) in Jersey City.

Tabla [Flatiron]
11 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

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