Old-school Italian is getting new life at Brucie in Cobble Hill. This Court Street newcomer might be Brooklyn’s answer to Torrisi Italian Specialties in Manhattan, serving classic dishes thoughtfully updated and made with top-shelf local ingredients, suggests Elaine Snutteplutten.

She enjoyed a sandwich of panelle (Sicilian-style chickpea fritters) and great fresh ricotta on a sesame roll from Caputo Bakery just down the street. Other early winners from the daily-changing menu include broccoli crostini; chicken parmigiana heros; roasted-cauliflower ravioli; tagliatelle with Brussels sprouts, burrata, and tomato butter; and lasagne with eggplant and a faultlessly fresh chard salad.

Chef Zahra Tangorra and her staff are “super nice and enthusiastic, and they really seem to be trying to do something serious,” Elaine writes. “Unlike a lot of what opens in this neighborhood, these are people who actually have an interesting idea and are trying to execute it with some originality.” And Brucie is thinking big, New Brooklyn style, planning cooking classes and laying out a small selection of groceries (the most distinctive offering so far is probably the house-made pasta). “Definitely keep your eyes open for this one,” advises the_state.

Brucie [Cobble Hill]
234 Court Street (between Baltic and Kane streets), Brooklyn

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