Barbecue may be in the name, but noodles hand-pulled to order are the game at San Dong House BBQ, a new place in the Inner Richmond.

“The noodles were perfection, just the right thickness, bite, and chewiness to my taste,” says soupçon, who had the beef noodles. The beef itself was rather chewy; the broth beefy but monochromatic, and a bit salty. But the noodles steal the show, and there are 18 dishes featuring them.

The menu also boasted “a staggering 22 varieties of skewer sticks, including relatively exotic fare like duck gizzard, chicken heart, lamb kidney, and duck tongue skewers,” says soupçon, plus eight kinds of boiled dumplings and several offal-based family-style dishes. But kairo notes that quite a few dishes, including most of the offal, have been dropped.

San Dong House BBQ [Inner Richmond]
3741 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

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