Anchor & Hope, the newish fish house opened by the Rosenthal brothers and Doug Washington, does East Coast–style seafood with a twist. Lobster salad involves a “delicious blend of spices” and the classic roll, says Corte Medusa, while eetnsleep appreciates its light, olive oil–type dressing. But at around $30 for the roll, slaw, and fries, notes Xiao Yang, East Coast nostalgia ain’t cheap.

For dessert, Corte Medusa recommends the house-made chocolate cake with salt and nuts on the frosting.

Reports from Anchor’s first week, back in May, were mixed: Absonot found the sea urchin appetizer and the ceviche outstanding. “The Portuguese stew was also wonderful. Really complex flavors in a very satisfying broth.” But the lobster roll underwhelmed.

While not a fan of the restaurateur trio’s other San Francisco ventures, Salt House or Town Hall, goingoutagain liked Anchor more, finding the service friendlier and the place less pretentious.

Anchor & Hope [SOMA]
83 Minna Street, San Francisco

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