It’s so dangerous, customers are asked to sign a disclaimer stating that they are aware of the risks involved before they eat. It may be the hottest curry in the world. The staff at the Cinnamon Club in London hope that it is. They are submitting the concoction—called the Bollywood Burner—to Guinness World Records in the hopes of getting a nod.

The dish, inspired by cuisine from Hyderabad in southern India, includes the Naga and its seeds—confirmed by Guinness World Records as the hottest chilli [sic] pepper in the world.

On the Scoville scale of piquancy, the Naga scores 855,000—more than 100 times hotter than the jalapeno, which measures 8,000 on the scale.

What is the reaction to this inferno of a curry? “I feel a bit floaty and light-headed,” said the brave student who was the first to try it. “I suspect this is the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted.” Apparently tasting the curry made one reporter’s heartbeat go from 68 beats per minute to 128—the equivalent of doing aerobic exercise.

Perhaps they should call it Cardio Curry and market it as a diet aid. I’m thinking portion control wouldn’t be much of a problem.

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