In an ice cream shop in Antigua, Guatemala, rworange found flavors of ice cream like corn, beet, zapote, and jacon (Guatemalan tomatillo sauce). But even better, she discovered a kind of honey she’d never tried. “I picked up a pretty green bottle labeled ‘Miel de Doncella,’ she says. “The green bottle has white honey. It is exquisite. It has a deep lemony flavor, a clear white color, is less thick with a different more intense sweetness than regular honey.” To make it even more romantic, the white honey is made from tiny, stingless Mayan bees reputed to have a connection to the spirit world.

“All throughout Mexico and Guatemala there are stands of honey in huge jars that sell for little more than $4,” says rworange. “The pretty little bottle of white honey was about $4.25, an extravagant amount for honey in this area.” If you’re lucky enough to find some of this exotic treat in the U.S., expect to pay heavily for it—but it’s worth it, says rworange.

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