Its name may be Saigon Seafood, or Nha Hang, or perhaps even Saigon Vien Dong. But, whatever it’s called, hounds say this San Jose joint serves up good, fresh Vietnamese food, like goi sua tom thit, an herb-laced salad of pork, prawns, and jellyfish. The contrast of pork ear and skin with the jellyfish is fantastic, says The Ranger.

Also recommended: sizzling goat, sizzling fish (though on one occasion this wasn’t sizzling and arrived on a cold plate instead), dry nam vang rice noodle soup, and baby clams with special spices. There are plenty of herbs and dipping sauces, plus matchsticks of galangal for what markseiden calls “that indispensable hint of menthol.”

RWCFoodie also recommends you keep an eye out for the fruit vendor on the sidewalk just outside, selling fresh mangosteens, jackfruit, Manila mangoes, litchis, and the like.

Saigon Seafood [South Bay]
740 Story Road #1, San Jose

Board Link: Lunch at Nha Hang Saigon Seafood Restaurant aka Saigon Vien Dong–San Jose

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