keepon has been searching for authentic Xinjiang cumin lamb skewers, like the kind that filled the streets of Beijing. He’s finally found it, at 818 BBQ. It’s the real deal: bite-size pieces of lamb, grilled to perfection—slightly “charred and crispy on the outside, with just the right amount of cumin and chili to give that kick.”

The house cold dish (an off-menu order) is a mix of cold vegetables—an excellent companion to the lamb skewers. Lamb kidney skewers are good. The best skewer of all is lamb chop: small, bone-in pieces of lamb, three to a skewer, “crisp on the outside and still juicy inside.”

English levels are low here. The signage is in bizarre flux, as the owners don’t seem to have decided on an English name and the eatery is labeled various things on various signs. Just look for the big “818.”

818 BBQ [San Gabriel Valley]
818 E. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

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