Most tempura in SoCal is terrible, says exilekiss, suffering from poor batter and too much oil. Not so at Komatsu, a specialist devoted to the true art of tempura. There are 14 kinds available à la carte, a nine-piece tempura set course, and, most excitingly, tempura omakase—meaning “chef’s choice.”

Omakase is glorious: You can, says exilekiss, truly tell that master chef Komatsu loves his craft. The tempura batter is “nice and minimalistic, light and non-intrusive.” It actually accentuates delicate seafood flavors and fresh vegetable flavors. There is shrimp tempura, eel tempura, burdock root tempura, summer plum tempura, and clam tempura. Ebi shinjyou (shiitake stuffed with ground shrimp) is the highlight.

Tempuras come with four different seasoning options: arajio (course sea salt), matcha shio (green tea salt), yuzu shio (citrus-flavored salt), and tentsuyu (tempura sauce with grated daikon).

Omakase is about $65 per person, including tax and tip.

Komatsu [South Bay]
1644 W. Carson Street #B, Torrance

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