The blogger behind Lost Taco recently moved from Los Angeles to New York City, and he’s having trouble finding a decent taco. He’s holding on to the belief that somewhere in the Big Apple “there’s a delicious stranded taco, waiting to be found,” and admits that “this is a fairly emotional issue for me.” As a result, his chronicles often read like a love story:

Finding a good taco truck, one that you trust, isn’t unlike being in a relationship. There’s the discovery, the passion, the long summer nights wiled away in loving embrace, and of course, inevitably, the moment when they take off the emergency brake and drive away, leaving nary a trace. I have loved and lost, readers. I have, but I am not a cynic. I seek out love still.

While he seems to enter each new taco joint with the hope of a fresh love affair, one of his major complaints is that New York tacos tend to have too much meat:

The meat to tortilla to cilantro to onion ratio has to be just right. More meat is not necessarily better. If it’s just all meat, it doesn’t feel right in my mouth. The flavors don’t have enough space to come together and explode. Great tacos have a surprisingly small amount of meat. Less is more, less is more … repeat it, like a mantra.

Even for those who don’t live in the New York area, these poetic taco reveries, accompanied by mouth-watering photos, make Lost Taco a satisfying read.

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