Missing in action recently on Flushing’s low-end Chinese scene was a fellow from Henan who dished up heavenly lamb noodle soup at Golden Mall, the current food court of choice among Chowhounds. Now he’s back, DaveCook reports, in a new spot called Qin’s Lamb Noodle. That soup—thick wheat noodles and tender chunks of lamb in a subtle, satisfying meat broth—is as good as ever, Dave adds.

In other food court news, the vendor who offers hard-to-find dishes from Xian in the basement of Golden Mall—sturdy meat soups and snack-size $1 lamb or pork sandwiches in griddled buns, among other things—has branched out. While keeping his downstairs digs, he has moved up, literally, to a street-level window stall at Shi Hong Mall, a newish food court a few doors south on Main Street. The menu, shorter than at the original place, includes soups, noodles, and those sandwiches (dubbed “Chinese hamburgers”), wew writes.

Shi Hong is also home to a Guizhou vendor who first landed on hound radar by peddling spicy meat and noodle soups down the street at the late, lamented J&L Mall, surly reports. This space, which shares J&L’s no-frills vibe, also houses a stall called No. 1 Sichuan and a Fuzhou snack spot.

Another J&L refugee, a Muslim Chinese eatery where folks from Tianjin serve hearty soups and breads, now anchors a third place called Oriental Express Food, next door to Shi Hong, surly notes. Other options in this minicourt include Szechuan, bubble tea, and northern-style dumplings.

Qin’s Lamb Noodle [Flushing]
136-31 41st Avenue (between Main and Union streets), Flushing, Queens

Shi Hong Mall [Flushing]
41-42A Main Street (between 41st Road and Sanford Avenue), Flushing, Queens
No phone available

Oriental Express Food [Flushing]
41-40 Main Street (between 41st Road and Sanford Avenue), Flushing, Queens
No phone available

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