There’s no denying that salty snacks are a perfect accompaniment to beer, but it doesn’t take many nuts or fried chips to pack a caloric wallop. Luckily, you can make lots of crunchy, tasty snacks that are low in calories but high in flavor.

toveggiegirl loves these kale chips. “They are really simple to make, and dangerously addictive,” she says. She’s also a fan of microwave crispy potato chips, an easy shortcut to baked chips.

Pickled vegetables are great low-calorie snacks with beer. 4Snisl recommends dilled green beans and pickled okra.

Sea vegetables are another satisfying savory. Val suggests brushing nori with sesame oil and toasting. “Not everyone likes the flavor of nori,” she notes, “but I suspect that if you like sushi, you will also like nori.” soypower enjoys a Korean snack, deep-fried kelp. “Yes, that’s right,” she says, “I said kelp. When it’s dried and then deep-fried, it becomes incredibly crispy and chip-like. The traditional recipe includes sugar, but I like mine without.”

Hounds are also fans of steamed, salted edamame and chickpeas roasted with spices until crispy. In addition, “Dipping almost anything into Korean hot red pepper paste (kochujang) tastes pretty delicious with beer,” says soypower, whose favorites include snap peas and radishes.

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