In New York City’s Via Quadronno, the face of a sexy lady appeared in a cup of cappuccino, and at Seattle’s Victrola Coffee and Art a gentle-looking lion peered out from a mocha latte. These are among many ephemeral works of art that have been drawn in the foam atop espresso drinks.

In Japan, cappuccino foam is used to sketch out teddy bears, dolphins, koalas, and even Doraemon, the Japanese cartoon character. The Blork Blog, which posted a photo of a cappuccino topped with a skull from Montreal’s Caffè ArtJava, writes:

When I saw the face in the coffee I couldn’t help but think they ought to put a Jesus face in there some time. Imagine the publicity!

If you’ve got an espresso maker and would like to try this at home (whether you’re drawing religious figures or abstract designs in your foamed milk), WikiHow offers a latte art how-to.

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