Just another Memorial Day in the Hamptons: A ritzy gallery dished out wine, vodka, and champagne to art-lovers attending a weekend gala. Here’s the twist: The gallery owner, Ruth Vered, was hauled off to jail for serving drinks without a license. The Daily News report features a photo of a feral-looking Vered barking like a coyote as she’s stuffed into a police cruiser. For those of us with class-related chips on our shoulders, it’s exactly what you’d expect a wealthy gallery owner to look like after being bopped on the nose by the law’s rod of correction.

It’s hard not to read the story and feel profoundly conflicted about it. On the one hand, come on: You serve wine at art openings. What’s the big deal? On the other: You’re a business owner, you know what’s up, why not just get the liquor license? On the one hand: Do you seriously have to haul the woman off to jail for this? On the other hand: She did tell the cops that she wouldn’t deal with them, and demanded, instead, to talk to a high-ranking superior.

All in all, a sweet mix of outrage and schadenfreude.

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