The Harrison, at age seven, had settled into a solid New American groove that to many Chowhounds looked more like a rut. Now, with new chef Amanda Freitag settling into the kitchen, the place has gotten hounds’ attention again. “She’s ramped the spot back up,” writes thatsyuck, a one-time regular who had lost interest before Freitag’s arrival earlier this year.

The reworked menu marks a shift from “safe” American to a more rustic style, drumwine writes. It also includes a few Italian touches, a nod to the chef’s previous gigs at ’Cesca on the Upper West Side and Sette in Brooklyn.

One standout is fried artichoke hearts with ricotta cheese, sweet peas, and spring onion purée, a hound favorite at Gusto, where Freitag cooked most recently: “Fantastic,” declares thatsyuck.

financialdistrictresident recommends the beet salad (with pistachios and Robiolina cheese) and slow-cooked arctic char (with pink grapefruit, black trumpets, and salsify). American standards continue to satisfy; hounds praise roasted heirloom chicken and grilled New York strip steak, topped with a marrow butter crust.

The Harrison [Tribeca]
355 Greenwich Street (at Harrison Street), Manhattan

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