Soy sauce with melted butter, by itself or augmented with a few ingredients, make a surprisingly delicious sauce for many foods, say Chowhounds. Chowpatty uses the combo on popcorn, and says it’s “amazing.” mmalmad likes soy and butter on pasta, with black pepper and sesame oil. moki sautés thinly sliced potatoes with garlic, soy, and butter for a hearty side with rice.

dockhl uses soy, butter, and lemon as a marinade for grilled swordfish, while food_eater79 uses the same combination for salmon. Analisas mom says soy, butter, and brown sugar is a great marinade for any type of meat or seafood, especially grilled sea bass.

Sam Fujisaka sautés thin slices of beef in soy sauce and butter, while Ruth Lafler tosses thin slices of raw beef in soy and butter and eats it like carpaccio.

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