High-profile wine fraud has created consumer unease, and where buyers fear to tread, technology rushes in. Wired Magazine gives us a tidy overview of truth-in-labeling technologies for vintners. Would you believe corks equipped with radio frequency identification chips? Seals on wine bottles imprinted with information on the DNA of the grapes inside the bottle? Labels inscribed with invisible ink?

So, gee whiz, and all that, but how does that aid the average wine buyer? As blogger Steven Lee comments upon reading the Wired story, “if I purchased a bottle at my local wine store, they might have a scanner, but if I buy a bottle on-line, thru, say K&L Wines (a very reliable source), how the heck am I going to check for the invisible ink? And how would I know that the label was marked with invisible ink? If it says so on the label but I have no scanner, how does this help me?”

I dunno, maybe you could run it past the bouncer-light at the entrance to a nightclub?

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