Cake is good. Bacon is great. So cake with bacon should be heavenly, right? That’s the premise behind Cakehead’s recent experiments.

Yellow cake sprinkled with bacon didn’t satisfy, but a Food Network Southern red velvet cake recipe with bacon substituted for pecans was deemed “absolute perfection.” “We like how the red of the cake references the red of the bacon meat and the cream cheese frosting punctuates the crunchy fat of the bacon,” Cakehead writes. The red velvet bacon cake may already be a hit: It appears someone has claimed it for his birthday.

More bacon cakes: Chewy at offers a chocolate mayo cake with bacon, has a simple chocolate cake topped with butter icing, sugar sprinkles, and, of course, bacon, and Aaron Patterson at Tender Lovemaking concocted a cornbread bacon cake. A commenter in that last link also altered a maple cake recipe by adding bacon sprinkles. Finally, the Bacon Show has a recipe for maple bacon cupcakes.

Serve with a scoop of bacon ice cream and a defibrillator, and you’re good to go!

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