BinnieLoco, a new frozen-treats place on Third west of Vermont, seems to be a Latino-style ice cream joint, with mango licuados and the like, but the real Chowhound draw is the frozen custard. Only two flavors for now: vanilla and dulce de leche.

The custard is very creamy, rich, and ultrasmooth, says JeetJet. Though soft serve, it keeps its shape even when held upside down. It’s on the dense side, like a cousin of frozen yogurt.

Best steer clear of the mango drink, though, which didn’t taste right to JeetJet.

A recent post on the Los Angeles Times food blog has revived interest in Silky Smooth, the new ice cream place in the Beverly Center. It has very good stuff, agrees sku, but new? It’s been around for a few years. Verdict is out on whether Silky Smooth merits a special trip or is just a very pleasant diversion from shopping at the mall, but it definitely boasts frozen custard; it’s just not called that because Californians don’t like the word, the owner told culinarycandy. He’s from St. Louis, but the cane sugar–based mix (unlike his home city’s honey-based Ted Drewes) is imported from Wisconsin. Sodas are cane sugar–based, too.

BinnieLoco [Hollywood]
3525 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

Silky Smooth [Mid-City]
In Beverly Center Mall, Seventh Floor
8500 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

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