Welcome to CHOW, our brand new website devoted to the pleasure of food and drink. And by pleasure, we don’t just mean consuming it. We mean making it, playing around with it, learning about it, buying it, selling it, spending huge amounts of time and energy experimenting with it, and discovering other people as passionate as we are about it.

CHOW launched in 2004 as a magazine. We suspended publishing in print a year later (too expensive, too limiting, too old-media for advertisers at the time) to work on a website. Then we were acquired by CNET Networks, the online media corporation that had just acquired restaurant-discussion site Chowhound. With CNET Network’s expertise, we started building a site that takes advantage of just about everything the Web’s got to offer.

Doing something new in the crowded field of food media has been an interesting challenge. As I wrote in the last issue of the mag, “When we said ‘new food magazine,’ people heard ‘old food magazine.’ Few could imagine what we had in mind. They figured we’d be one more rhapsody about lovely meals in lovely surroundings with lovely people. In one sense, they weren’t wrong. It’s just that what we consider a lovely meal or lovely surroundings or even lovely people, is considerably different from the fantasies of the other food magazines. We like fun. And we like real.”

Change food magazine to food site, and here we are, the online CHOW, with our own ideas of what’s lovely and what’s fun and what’s fascinating. It’s everything we wanted to do in print, and more: audio, video, discussion, interaction, your content, our content, the whole Web experience dedicated to our favorite subjects: food and drink.

We hope you enjoy it. Please tell us what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d change and what you’d add. And please come back often. Now that we’re online, there’s something new every day.

Jane Goldman
August 23, 2006

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