Our ideal brownie is more dense than cake, more chewy than fudge, intensely chocolaty with a crackly top. But while the CHOW tasters could agree on those things, we had different opinions about which mail-order brownies are best. In the end, we all preferred the brownie we developed ourselves. But if you’d rather someone else do the baking, we’ve also included some good candidates. (Prices do not include shipping.)

Dancing Deer
(three stars)
Our favorite cakey brownie. Moist and dense on the inside with a sweet and crumbly crust. May be too sweet for some.
1.25 pounds for $16.95


(three stars)
These brownies were so rich and moist that one taster questioned if they were “underdone.” Not for the cakey camp.
2 pounds for $23.95

Fat Witch Bakery
(four stars)
The baby witches are small, which we liked. More chocolate than other brownies. A little fudgy.
2.6 pounds for $32.50

New York Brownies
(four stars)
Both the fudgy camp and the cakey camp liked these brownies. Uniformly moist with an intense but balanced chocolate flavor.

4 pounds for $30

Sans Souci Gourmet Confections
(five stars)
The confections formerly known as brownies are now called Marquis Bars. Dense, fudgy, chocolaty.

1.25 pounds for $23

Photograph by Kevin Twomey

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