There are lots of jobs that are inherently dangerous: oil rig roughneck, lumberjack, convenience store clerk. But Keith Siegner, a Wall Street financial analyst has found a way to make research and numbers-crunching life-threatening.

As reported in the New York Post, Siegner, who analyzes quick-serve restaurants—that’s fast food to you and me—is spending a month eating nothing but fast food.

Hmm, I feel we’ve somehow heard this story before

Siegner acknowledges his debt to Mr. Spurlock, calling his project “Super Size Keith.” He’s been doing it since the beginning of April, and says he hasn’t gained any weight and his cholesterol and triglycerides haven’t changed. It’s a good way to publicize the fact that the sector he analyzes can provide meals that won’t obese you up—if you’re careful. Unlike Spurlock, who “supersized it” anytime he was suggested to, Siegner is a little more deliberate in his choices.

The Post notes that this was his menu for Monday, April 7: “Egg McMuffin, no cheese, no margarine; small OJ; half of Domino’s hand-tossed pizza with red peppers; 20 oz. Coke; McDonald’s southwest chicken salad, lite sesame ginger dressing and an apple pie.”

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