It’s Earth Day on April 22, which means restaurants are generously offering all of us eco-minded, wallet-shrinking opportunities to eat green, including this unintentionally hilarious Earth Day dinner at Caesars Palace. It’s a little ironic. Via the New Republic’s Bradford Plumer, there’s an excellent piece in Advertising Age which asks, “Is Earth Day the New Christmas?” As Plumer points out, the original idea behind Earth Day was to reduce personal consumption. (Whoops!)

Which is why it is refreshing to hear Theresa Marquez, chief marketing executive for the Organic Valley cooperative, say that her Earth Day dream is that “one day thousands of families would be sitting down to a traditional Earth Day dinner every year.” She explains, “The whole heart and soul of an Earth Dinner is for people to stay connected with their food even if they don’t grow it.” Marquez has been hosting Earth Day dinners for the last four years and says her only requirements are good conversation and a meal that’s cooked from scratch.

On the other hand, it turns out that Organic Valley now sells Earth Dinner cards—only $10!—which are “designed to spark stories and memories of the foods and people we love, and perhaps to inspire new thinking about the foods we choose everyday.” We don’t know what to conclude from this, exactly, except that it sounds less fun than Hearts. For which we already have cards.

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