We know you didn’t ask for an update on the Farm Bill—the legislation that, like some mysterious new life form, refuses to either be born or die—but you’re getting it anyway. Eat your oatmeal.

Short version for early-grade readers: There’s no Farm Bill yet. Still.

Bonus-points version: While Congress keeps passing extensions of the current law, it also keeps bickering. In a story that nicely describes the horse trading, the Politico reports that “the Senate is still demanding an additional $4 billion in disaster aid, as well as a $2.5 billion package of agriculture-related tax breaks.” There isn’t really money for this, so a few senators have been busy looking under couches for change, which seems to be holding things up. Oh, and among the demanded tax breaks is an actual bit of horse trading: a break for race horse owners, a pet project of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell; the House Democratic leadership has roundly rejected the tax breaks. And so yesterday the House passed another week’s extension on the current bill. That’ll surely do it, right? Um, right?

As always, see the Center for Rural Affairs’ blog for smart, obsessive coverage.

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