Nostalgic Pistachio Salt Bombs

As a child, Photocrazy fell in love with in-the-shell pistachios thoroughly encrusted with salt, which "covers the shell so that you can't see it, just a bright white covering of salt, similar to an ice cream bar covered in a shell of chocolate, i.e., a Klondike Bar."

Coffee_Crackhead loved them in the ’80s but hasn't been able to find them since: "They look like they were spray painted white and they were more closed than pistachios today. I need to find these nuts!!!"

Good news for all the Chowhounds who have been searching for these deliciously unhealthy salt bombs: lcn recently ordered some from Bob's Peanuts, and they are the real deal: "Heavy thick salt on the outside, which is sucked off before you ever get to the pistachio ... Awesome." Goldendog also got several kinds of nuts from Bob's Peanuts, which were stale from too much humidity, but put them in a 400-degree oven for about 10 minutes and "BINGO!! Fabulous nuts including the old salt-encrusted white pistachios from my youth." These are "like old fashioned pumpkin seeds," continues Goldendog. "Very salty, crappy for your heart, and absolutely impossible to eat just one!"

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