In this hellish summer, hounds are thinking shaved ice. uwsister‘s favorite of the moment is at the Japanese lunch spot Cafe Zaiya. It includes green tea syrup, red beans, and condensed milk, among other things. “Glorious,” she sighs. “If it had more mochi on it, it would be pretty close to perfection.”

In Queens, Paris Baguette does Zaiya one better, brewing its ice with green tea, LucidInterval reports. This Korean bakery-café lays on plentiful toppings, too, though at $8 or $9 it’s a pricey pleasure.

Cafe Zaiya [Midtown East]
18 E. 41st Street (between Fifth and Madison avenues), Manhattan

Paris Baguette [Flushing]
In Queens Crossing, 136-20 38th Avenue (between Main and 138th streets), Flushing, Queens

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