Yes, yes, we’re all weary of feature stories about coffee that has come out of the rear of a cat, but a London department store coffee bar is now selling the stuff for 50 pounds a cup (that’s about $100 on this side of the pond, brah). It should be noted that proceeds are slated for a charity benefiting cancer care.

Actually, the Peter Jones department store’s brew is a blend of kopi luwak, the Indonesian civet–produced coffee, along with another superexpensive varietal, Jamaican Blue Mountain. (I wonder if the civet coffee is considered wet processed or dry processed?)

The UK Guardian’s Pete Clark takes himself out for a cup of the coffee, which he notes is “more expensive than cocaine,” and, via podcast, gives us his impressions.

It’s sort of the same difference as a … single malt from a … Johnny Walker or something like that; I mean, it has a very, very distinctive taste. Probably not for everyone. It would be a rather a shame to put any milk or sugar with it. This is a pure product. … I could develop a taste for this, but it would be rather ruinously expensive.

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