What hits the spot when you’re hungry but can’t stand to turn on the stove or ingest something warm?

• Salads are, of course, a natural. Good choices: The green mango or tea leaf salad with sesame seeds, peanuts, garlic, and peas at YoMa; the “delicious fresh tomato salad with fresh corn and a soft white cheese crostini” that wooed cherrytomato at Summer Shack.

• Cold soups are another classic chill pill. EVOO serves a worthy version of gazpacho with sea bass belly riding atop; barleywino is a fan of the cold corn soup with corn fritters at Scampo.

Madrid lauds the cool delights at Cafe Istanbul’lu, previously called out in Digest for being wonderful: “The menu is full of vegetables, yogurt, and the Turkish breakfast platter for at least two includes watermelon.”

• And don’t forget seafood, light and fresh enough to sit easily on a summer-sour stomach. cherrytomato enthuses about Summer Shack: “garlic bread crumb stuffed razor clams, steamers, and the best lobster roll. You could tell that the meat was freshly shucked and not the chewy stuff. The lobster roll had little cubes of fresh cucumber. Blueberry pie for dessert. Summer shack has summer food.”

YoMa Burmese Restaurant [Allston]
5 N. Beacon Street, Boston

Summer Shack [Cambridge]
149 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

EVOO [Cambridge]
350 Third Street, Cambridge

Scampo [Downtown]
215 Charles Street, Boston

Cafe Istanbul’lu [North of Boston]
237 Holland Street, Somerville

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