Tarragon is a green herb with a subtle licorice flavor that’s the seasoning in classic Béarnaise Sauce. It also matches well with chicken, fish, and eggs (as in CHOW’s Deviled Eggs with Tarragon).

darklyglimmer loves chicken with Dijon-tarragon cream. “My husband would eat this once a week if I let him,” she says, “and I’m often tempted.” tcamp recommends chicken with tarragon and quick-roasted garlic.

When she makes salmon with mustard and herb butter, danapi grills the salmon on a cedar plank. “This recipe is the reason I grow tarragon,” she says. “Simple, easy and SO delicious!”

Tarragon can work with sweets, too. “I am lately obsessed,” says soupkitten, “with whipping the good local farm cream with tarragon and serving over berries and peaches, making fruit shortcakes, etc. I may soon try an ice cream. I like a little fresh tarragon in lemonade sometimes.” lizwinn likes it with grapefruit and cantaloupe.

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