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Love Starry Kitchen Enough to Kick a Hole in the Wall?

Yesterday, we grabbed lunch at Starry Kitchen, the former underground restaurant sensation that started in owners Nguyen and Thi Tran’s apartment. The restaurant serves an ever-rotating mix of pan-Asian food, and they’re all over the Twitter and the Facebook things. (Nguyen even tweeted about hanging out with us!)

We ate a tofu banh mi with garlic noodles and a chopped salad with lemongrass chicken. Tran told us he thinks the restaurant’s vegetarian food actually outshines its meat dishes, and the tofu in the banh mi really was flavor-packed; pressed and marinated with lots of lemongrass, then pan-fried. It was stuffed in a soft baguette, with a little bit of crackly exterior—just the right roll for a banh mi. The chopped salad had fried wonton strips, tomato, lettuce, and chicken. We think they picked their location right: It’s around a bunch of office buildings in the Water Court. If this was by our office, we’d be hitting it for lunch, too.

We took a second to chat with the hyper-enthusiastic Tran about inviting strangers over to his house for dinner, and surveyed the damage he’s wrought in his excitement. Check out the video.