Taco Bite is back. This hound-endorsed taqueria, once situated on the side wall of an Italian restaurant, vanished more than a year ago. Last month it resurfaced around a mile south, in a larger space near where the BQE rumbles through Southside.

First reports are promising. “OK this was insanely good,” raves apossibleworld, who describes the carnitas as “like the most perfect pulled/roast pork, flavorful without being too overwhelming,” rolled into a well-constructed burrito. Also worth a try: fresh guacamole.

A block or two away is Taco Santana, another good bet for authentic Mexican. Bistec tacos are terrific, apossibleworld reports. wleatherette loves the cecina and carnitas fillings. Santana is mostly a takeout shop, apossibleworld adds, but those with a high tolerance for blaring jukebox music may eat in.

Taco Bite [Williamsburg]
310 S. Fourth Street (at Rodney Street), Brooklyn

Taco Santana [Williamsburg]
301 Keap Street (near Broadway), Brooklyn

Board Link: new Taco Bite location in Williamsburg now open

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