They say J. Lo’s derrière is insured; now a Dutch winemaker has gone and insured his most valuable asset. Ilja Gort took out a policy with Lloyd’s that insures his nose and sense of smell for a cool 5 million euros (roughly 7.7 million American dollars).

According to an article in the London Times, Gort says, “We won some important medals and I realised how necessary it was to have a nose. It is my most important asset.” He’s not the only culinary figure to want security: Food critic Egon Ronay’s taste buds are insured as well.

According to the insurance agreement, Gort is now banned from winter sports, boxing, and fire breathing (committing suicide and getting pregnant are also on the forbidden list). “I like skiing very much,” he says, “but from now on, no more.”

“Every time I look in the mirror now I feel rich,” he says. “I’m a bit more careful with my nose than before. I’ve stopped nose-picking.”

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