Sangam, a newish Indian place in the Village, keeps things simple. It makes just a handful of dishes: a couple of biryanis, paratha rolls, samosas, and sweets.

Works for Nick F. “Man. Awesome,” Nick writes. The chicken biryani is a fresh-tasting dish of aromatic rice with pieces of tikkalike chicken, topped with spicy fried onions. Big, filling portion, too, for just $7. The vegetarian version is a buck less.

The chef and proprietor says she cooks the way she would at home, concocting her own spice mixes, Nick reports. mnm310 can believe it: “I’m Pakistani and quite familiar with home-cooked ‘desi’ (as we South Asians refer to it) food. The Biryani definitely brings up memories of my mom’s cooking and surpasses anything I’ve tried in NYC…”

Nargisi qeema paratha rolls—egg and spiced ground meat stuffed into griddled flatbread—are also tasty, adds mnm310, who faults only the apparently premade paratha.

Sangam [Greenwich Village]
190 Bleecker Street (between Sixth Avenue and MacDougal Street), Manhattan

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