Bouchon Bakery occasionally makes a blowout focaccia with cremini and oyster mushrooms atop a layer of melted Comté cheese. You must try this, guttergourmet urges—“Best thing I’ve put in my mouth from a bakery in a long time.”

At Da Ciro, it’s not mushroom, exactly, but a generous drizzle of white truffle that lifts the luxe Robiola focaccia over the top. “It is a lovely thing, that focaccia,” rhapsodizes daveena. “the bread itself is fairly thin, and the top half is perforated, so you can appreciate the ooze of the robiola.”

Bouchon Bakery [Upper West Side]
In Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, Third Floor, Manhattan

Da Ciro [Murray Hill]
229 Lexington Avenue (near E. 34th Street), Manhattan

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