I’m not a big ice cream person. I’ll turn to sorbet, gelato, or icebox cake before going to ice cream. But when I do get a craving there’s no stopping it. My most recent urge was when I was dining at Fish & Farm in San Francisco. I’m usually skeptical about ordering ice cream when I’m out, because it tends to be an afterthought that comes from the deep, dark depths of a restaurant’s freezer. But Fish & Farm serves up Three Twins Ice Cream. Like the restaurant’s other offerings, the ice cream is local and organic, and doesn’t sacrifice taste. I was served an assortment of flavors, but I’m still dreaming of the walnut maple—rich, bitter, and sweet all at once. I’m planning a trip to the Napa store (or back to Fish & Farm) just to get another scoop!

Three Twins Ice Cream, available at select Bay Area markets

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