A Tim Tam is a layered Australian cookie covered in chocolate. The cookies have many fans (adog particularly likes the caramel flavor) but the true purpose of a Tim Tam is to perform what’s known as a “slam.” The ends of a Tim Tam are bitten off, and the Tim Tam is used as a sort of flat straw to quickly suck down a cup of coffee. The middle layers inside the cookie melt, but the chocolate coating remains. The coffee-warmed chocolate skin is then eaten.

For those who want to enjoy the Tim Tam Slam without the buzzy effects, moh assures that hot milk may be slammed with excellent results. miss_bennet likes to do it with tea, and kiwiFRUIT and other brave Chowhounds enjoy the chocolate overdose of a Tim Tam Slam with hot chocolate. mlgb adds sherry to the list of Tim Tam Slam beverages, but warns that only the original flavor of Tim Tam is suitable for slamming purposes. The caramel and Black Forest flavors have sticky layers in the middle that interfere with proper melting.

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