Turkish Cafe Istanbul’lu just opened last month in Somerville, and it’s fantastic but not pulling in the crowds it deserves. sablemerle frets that “this location really does seem to be cursed. The owners are really lovely people and the food is very good.”

And speaking of that food, the soft bread is house-baked and comes out with a red pepper dip. Sandwiches are served on the same bread. pekmez tried the lentil kofta, squished beautifully in a press with tomato, a nice tahini-like sauce, and tasty greens. Another delightful thing was the sandwich with “mixed Turkish smoked meats (one pepperoni-like, one pastrami-like, amazing seasonings) and sharp cheese and tomato.”

sablemerle says the cheese boreks are “Maximum yum.” pekmez agrees, and adds that the spinach borek and the mucver, zucchini fritters, are also worthy.

Cafe Istanbul’lu [North of Boston]
237 Holland Street, Somerville

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