Everyone’s favorite that’s-awesome-man job—the new position of Chief Beer Officer (CBO) at the Four Points Sheraton hotels—gets some ethnographic love from NPR, which follows 28-year-old Scott Kerkmans through his all-consuming daily duties in his bungalow home office in Denver. Kerkmans won the CBO position after an exhaustive, public-relations-masterstroke of a search by Sheraton, which created the post to oversee and promote craft beers for the hotel chain: 8,000 people from 30 countries competed for the job, which means that, in short, it isn’t the sort of position where you can haggle over salary.

Sadly, Kerkmans, who worked as a brewer for the Alaskan Brewing Company and is a beer judge, doesn’t seem to be trashing hotel rooms with facial hair-heavy craft beer keggers. The best NPR gets out of Kerkmans, who’s clearly a low-key beer geek, is that he tastes beer in the morning. And sometimes before 10 a.m. In other words, he admits to doing his job. Let’s hope Sheraton doesn’t find out about that.

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