The point-and-peck Filipino eateries of Woodside, Queens, are going at it, and the newest contender, Fiesta Grill, is taking it to the competition. Anicca reports excellent pork stew and kare-kare (oxtail in peanut sauce), accompanied by pancit noodles.

Jeffsayyes says Fiesta Grill outpoints Fritzie’s Bake Shop, another turo-turo (point-point) restaurant next door, with the sheer variety of its steam-table spread. Fritzie’s has its fans, though, especially for lechon carved from the whole pig behind the counter. The locals have caught on to Fiesta Grill, and they’re packing the place day and night. They’re also benefiting from a price war: Fiesta serves two dishes plus rice or noodles for $5.95, and Fritzie’s has responded by knocking its price down a couple of bucks to $5.50.

For fans of Filipino chow, it’s shaping up as a bounteous summer along Roosevelt Avenue, which is also home to Renee’s and Ihawan, among other hound favorites. At least two more Filipino restaurants are poised to open soon, jeff reports.

Fiesta Grill [Woodside]
69-12 Roosevelt Avenue (near 69th Street), Woodside, Queens

Fritzie’s Bake Shop [Woodside]
69-10 Roosevelt Avenue (near 69th Street), Woodside, Queens

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Near Broadway/Roosevelt Subway, Open for Lunch
Guide to Woodside
Red Ribbon Bakery about to open in Woodside

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