KitchenAid mixers can do so many things: Make pasta! Knead bread! But if they’re not working, they’re a 25-pound paperweight. Where can you get them fixed once they’ve done broke? So many places, you would think, but really there’s just one: Fixmaster Inc., in Salem.

It’s a long drive from Boston and word is he’s expensive, but as Mayflour says, “You are not going to do any better than Salem. He’s it.” KitchenAid authorizes repair shops and reportedly spaces them out.

That being said, the enterprising T.Clark says that you can fix most KitchenAids yourself: “Even if you are not handy, anyone you know who can loosen a few screws can repair most KA mixer problems.” Advice follows. Your mileage may vary.

Fixmaster Inc. [North Shore]
190 North Street, Salem

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