Some of the best chocolate-covered pretzels around are available from Trader Joe’s, say Chowhounds. They’re not fancy, says Ruth Lafler, but the dark chocolate–covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s are a fine exemplar of the sweet-salty-crunchy snack. Indeed, all the other chocolate-covered pretzels sebetti has tried are sad and tasteless compared to the Trader Joe’s variety, which frogmeister characterizes as “more addictive than heroin.”

Another option, a little pricier and fancier, is Asher’s Chocolate Pretzels, available at stores in Pennsylvania or by mail order. sharpie321 can never decide between the milk and dark chocolate varieties, so always ends up getting both. “They’re a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth it,” he says. typetive notes that the Asher’s pretzels come individually wrapped, so each one stays fresh and crispy.

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