There are mind-bogglingly great dishes at Szechwan Best, according to TonyC.

Fen zhen pork with taro is pork short ribs seasoned with five-spice powder, each bite packing a punch of texture and taste. “You have the creamy taro, with the mushy yet particled house-made ‘fen’, the porkiness of the steamed short ribs and the crunchiness of the cartilage all in one mouthful. Tastewise, there’s a light dose of five-spice, matched with excess of crushed Szechuan peppercorn and chili oil all intertwined with the distinct taro sweetness.”

Crispy pungent duck is braised, then deep-fried—better than anything at Sam Woo, continues TonyC. With the sweet hoisin/sesame oil dip, it kicks the ass of any Peking duck.

More reasons to love Szechwan Best:
• Buy one, get one free Budweiser before 7:30 p.m.
• $6 daily specials including: Monday, ma po tofu with fish fillet; Tuesday, sizzling rice with seafood; and Wednesday, the excellent ma la fried lamb chop.
• “Prodigious use” of Szechuan peppercorn (ground and whole) and chile pepper flakes (oil and paste).
• Personalized hot pots for two.

And there is also a mysteriously great culinary adventure: “Eye of the dragon” sticky rice, which is red bean paste wrapped in savory stewed pork belly, topped with maraschino cherries, itself on top of glutinous rice.

In all, the Szechuanese dishes are tasty and thoughtfully prepared, and you’re sure to find something new. See the original thread for a translation of the Chinese specials board.

Szechwan Best [San Gabriel Valley]
621 W. Main Street, Alhambra

Board Link: Eye of Dragon Sticky Rice @ Szechuan Best

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