For your summer beach picnics, think finger foods and things that don’t need to be kept ice cold, won’t get too sandy, and are refreshing, says Flaxen_Vixen. She recommends sliced watermelon and tea sandwiches, “made with watercress blended with some cream cheese with thin slices of radish between pumpernickel bread with the crusts cut off.” On the side, perhaps a picnic-safe coleslaw, made with “red cabbage and carrots shredded with rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds.”

LNG212 recommends frozen grapes for beach bites, and alkapal likes frozen bananas, as well as gazpacho made with ripe, local tomatoes, and “tortellini salad marinated in an oregano vinaigrette overnight, with olives, mozz cubes, red bell pepper chunks, and pepperoni chunks.” Enjoy your picnics! “Everything always tastes a little better with some sand liberally sprinkled by the wind,” says roxlet.

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