‘Tis the season for preserving fruits and vegetables, and the food blog world is not going to let it pass unheralded. The most recent edition of Sugar High Fridays, a monthly blogging event, was devoted to canning.

Hosted by Delicious Days (recently selected by Time magazine as one of the Fifty Coolest Web sites), this event resulted in 53 submissions from food bloggers around the globe. Can these people can? Yes indeed!

The variety is impressive—from blueberry port chutney, to cognac-infused plum walnut jam, Seville orange and Calvados marmalade, and a jam of shallots, beer, prunes, and cocoa nibs (perhaps I am just impressed these guys managed to incorporate booze into their recipes). Interesting flavor combinations abound; apricot and roast pistachio; fig and sesame; nectarine and tomato,

Though perhaps most impressive is the entry of one Carl Tashian, who took on the task of canning 1,000 tomatoes. His landlord observed, “you have way too much time on your hands.” He also now has 72 quarts of canned tomatoes. That should keep him in sauce until next spring.

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