The pesky problem of juggling your chicken nuggets and tasty beverage while simultaneously driving has been solved!

According to Serious Eats investigative journalist Adam Kuban, the Col-Pop brings together a 32-ounce soda cup with a nugget-holding compartment, creating the world’s most perfect fast-food container.

The brainchild of a South Korean fast-food purveyor called BBQ Chicken, which has branches in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina, the Col-Pop surprisingly doesn’t sog out your nuggets, notes Kuban. His write-up of the product is charmingly in-depth, with charts and even a video.

While, personally, I am not a huge nugget fan (not even of healthy ones), I can definitely get behind possible future Tater Tot applications of the technology. Kuban reports that in the Col-Pop’s native country the device is also used for french fries, fried mozzarella balls, and spaghetti (!).

Could it be that combining two fast-food containers into one could also be part of the solution to reducing the blight of fast-food trash on our land?

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