The strong, intense flavor of some licorice makes for two strongly divided camps of lovers and haters. Salted licorice is even weirder and more intense—and it finds even fewer devotees than regular licorice, even among those who really want to like it. Licorice comes in unsalted, salted, and even double-salted varieties.

What’s with the salt? It certainly heightens the licorice flavor, says MMRuth, a licorice-lover. Her favorites are double-salted Dutch licorice and licorice toffee from England. If you can, try just a bit before you invest in a whole jar, she says—it’s a very unusual taste, and you might not like it, even if you really want to. rockycat, another licorice-lover, received a gift of imported licorice from her devoted husband. Unfortunately, it was of the double-salted variety, and though she really wanted to like it, she found it inedible.

rHairing, who is half Danish, particularly favors Konsul Salmiak Pastillen salt licorice. “My sister craved it during her first pregnancy,” says rHairing. “I am wondering now if it helped with queasiness. To this day, though, my friends who have been brave enough to try it, immediately spit it out.”

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