The best Central Asian kebabs no one’s talked about lately come off the grill at Tandoori Bukharian Bakery in Rego Park. They’re moist, powerfully seasoned, and better than anything at the other Bukharian kebab houses of “Regostan”—including the usual suspects Cafe Arzu and Cheburechnaya, Greg promises.

Samsas are awesome baked pastries, cousins of the Indian samosa, the size of a fist and stuffed with savory ground meat. Steamed dumplings are equally hefty and filled with meat or minced potato. Salads are tasty and, like everything else here, robustly seasoned. And it’s all pretty cheap: Greg’s group of four got more than enough food for around $50. Service is better than the norm, he adds: “Less gruff than at Arzu and capable enough with English to get the order mostly correct.”

Tandoori Bukharian Bakery [Rego Park]
99-04 63rd Road (at 99th Street), Rego Park, Queens

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