A couple of young Brits, in search of a way to help arthritis sufferers who struggle to lift a full teakettle, have come up with a keen new way to make and drink hot beverages. Britain’s Daily Mail tells the story of the sleekly designed Kug, an easy-to-wash-cup that nests inside of a small heating element capable of boiling water in 90 seconds.

“[Co-inventor] Ben Millett said: ‘It works just like an ordinary kettle. When the water’s boiled you just take the cup off the base and enjoy your drink. You can also adjust the [temperature] on the base so it keeps the liquid warm until you’re ready.'”

Like most good ideas, the product’s got a “Why didn’t I think of that?” simplicity and immediate appeal. If you’ve ever used an electric kettle, you know how they can radically transform one’s hot beverage consumption habits. This seems to be the next logical step toward the ultimate goal of tea that you can safely and effortlessly boil in your own mouth.

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