“Finding a maple syrup suitable for diabetics can be frustrating,” says todao, who cooks for people with special dietary needs. “Most are either watery or have bitter aftertastes or both, which causes me to avoid them almost entirely.” But Blackberry Patch Maple Praline Sugar Free Syrup is a sweet find. “It is, IMO, the best product of its kind,” says todao. It does contain the ingredient malitol, which can cause cramping if used in excess; “I suspect that the tolerance for malitol must vary by individual, so it would be advisable, I think, to use it sparingly,” says todao.

mcf has another tip: “I’ve found a really effective fix for weak-tasting sugar free maple syrup; I buy natural maple extract and add some to the SF stuff. Doesn’t thicken it, but the flavor is richer, much more like the real stuff.”

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